World Wind Android

World Wind is coming to Android.

Though others have generously contributed their Android virtual globe based on World Wind, currently for the NASA release, we merely have something that displays the globe with elevations, retrieves and caches imagery and elevations from the WW WMS servers, and allows you to manipulate the globe via a multi-touch interface. We’ve taken some liberties with the WW API in order to simply get started and to find optimal performance. Once we get farther along we’ll know better how much we’ll have to deviate from current interfaces. Our hope is, not much.

  • Get Started shows you how to download and run World Wind Android
  • Android Demos showcases World Wind Android applications
  • QinetiQ features resources and source code for QinetiQ’s QGlobe
  • WorldDroid features resources and source for Trilogis’ WorldDroid3

Other Important Sites

  • Daily Builds has the World Wind Android SDK daily builds
  • Forum provides help from the World Wind community
  • API Docs gives World Wind Android details for developers
  • Subversion contains the most up-to-date World Wind Android source code